Salvia Divinorum for portable vaporizers

There are various methods of using Salvia Divinorum.

Old traditional methods are:

  • smoke in a pipe, without tobacco, and the smoke is inhaled deeply in the lungs for 20-30 seconds before inhaling, and feel comfortable and well.
  • using leaves of Salvia orally, when the effects begin in 10 – 20 minutes, and the effects are milder than when smoked.

But the traditional Mazatec methods are inefficient as many leaves are used than in other methods.

Modern methods on how to use Salvia Divinorum are:

  • smoking dried leaves in stemmed tobacco pipe, but there need to be smoked hot as salvinorin requires high temperatures to vaporize with portable vaporizers, using a hand held butane lighter, not a match.
  • pruim method is using a ball or cylinder of roled up leaves, then the leaves are chewed slowly, hept under tongue between chews, and the pruim is chewing for half an hour, than you have to spit it all out in a bowl of cool water. The pruim can be sweetened with sugar, honey, Stevia extract, or artificial sweetener.

One may ask which is the best method? Well, pros and cons to each method. Pruim method gives stonger and deeper visionary trip than smoking. Other opinions report that cheeing is not so good for them, but smoking is. These two methods can be combined, as follows: first chew a pruim, then light up. If you smoke tobacco, you will chose smoking Salvia. But if you are a non-smoker, you will chose the pruim method, a method less irritating your lungs. Pruim last longer, but it is slowly. Chewing pruim or smoking leaves take people to another level. When enough of Salvia active compound, Salvinorin A is absorbed into the blood stream the effect is produced. The methods of ingesting Salvia are various, such as: smoking dried leaves of Salvia in a bong, pipe or as a joint, or chewed as a quid, in this case the leaves of Salvia produce extractions of Salvinorin A before being removed from the mouth. Another method is mix in a drink or vaporized or inhaled with personal vaporizer for dry herbs.

To make a drink you should mix with water to make a drink. Salvorinin A can be inhaled or vaporized on a piece of tin foil and inhaled through glass pipes. Let’s summarize: drinking Salvia is one method, consisting in adding an amount of leaves intro the water, which is an old traditional method, but it is not so efficient, as the active substance is not absorbed in the stomach and effects are less noticeable; chewing Salvia or quid method is popular nowadays, using dried leaves and soaked them in a cup of warm water before consuming for a minute, then roll the soaked leaves into a ball and place into the mouth, and start to chew the leaves for about fifteen to thirty minutes, then spit it out or swallow it. Another method is smoking Salvia, using a bong or a torch lighter, take two to three hits from the bong, and the effects are maximum within a minute.

As a conclusion, regardless the method of using Salvia Divinorum, all types of way of vaporizing, smoking, chewing this herb are used and tried to obtain a harmless and persistent effect upon the consumer’s condition, and that consumer can try some of these methods, in order to choose that one which better suits him/her, but it is better to know and get informed about how to use Salvia Divinorum. And maybe it is also interesting to know that Salvia Divinorum was documented in 1939, but many years before botanists could identify the plant as Mazatec secrecy remains about the growing sites. In 1962, the chemist Albert Hofmann and ethnomycologist R. Gordon Wasson research Mazatec rituals and explore specimens of the plant. Until 2010, the opinions are different regarding the interspecific hybrid of Salvia Divinorum.

The conclusion is that to properly vaporize weed Salvia Divinorum, first obtain a water bong or a butane torch lighter, because Salvinorin A requires high temperature to vaporize, then it enters the bloodstream and metabolizes. So old traditional and modern methods to use Salvia Divinorum are practising among consumers, depending on their personal choice or preferences. Still AirVape is a special and unique device with its modern design and is used to vape Salvia Divinorum in very good conditions, so that no consumers can complain, as it is small, has a protective case compatible with the vape, namely Xs Shell, so purchasing this device to vape Salvia is a better customers’ choice for dry herbal. How to use Salvia Divinorum and which device to use in order to get good results is a matter of choice being well informed about performances, both of the substance and of its device contributing to a better absorption and no risks for the customers who wish to have benefits from them.


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